SPOTON FLEET is a fully web based portal that provides effective Fleet Management by displaying all key information reuires to run an efficient operation. By using the advanced mapping options, the Fleet Operator can have an accurate overview of vehicles alongside Google Street View and a real time, in-cab dashboard display. The SPOTON FLEET reporting suite offers all essential information to help keep the fleet safe, increase operational efficiencies and reduce vehicle downtime.


Fleet Operators will receive a quick summary displaying vehicle information and provide a journey reconstruction complete with Google Street View and Snail Trails.

Any driver behaviour events will be highlighted along the journey with details of exactly what the incedent was. If a journey is replayed because of an incident or an insurance claim, this can give an overview of the driving style, helping to avoid fraudulent or false claims against the company driver.


The Comprehensive Fleet Management reporting suite is designed to reduce unnecessary costs and streamline administration duties. Accurate vehicle and driver information can be used to produce timesheets, calculate overtime and comfirm specified mileage or driving hours.

Points of Interests (POI's) can be created or imported and reports are available to display the time vehicles have spent inside a POI, along with alerts on activity in and out of the POI.

All the reports can be scheduled to be emailed automatically on a regular basis. This allows the Fleet Operator to utilise time efficiently by choosing only to receive reports with reuired information.



Health and Safety and Duty of Care responsibilities can be improved with SPOTON FLEET. For example, if a driver is working too many hours, has driven too long without a break or is excessively speeding, reports can identify those drivers giving the Fleet Operator the opportunity to prevent accidents and unnecessary costs.


With SPOTON FLEET the fleet operator will know the real time location of vehicles to help improve customer service with the ability to provide accurate estimated time of arrivals.

The live traffic information information feature will identify vehicles which could be effected by a traffic incident giving the Fleet Operator the opportunity to inform customers of later arrivals or redirect the drivers.

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